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Lightspeed Restaurant POS

Lightspeed Restaurant POS

Lightspeed Restaurant Point-Of-Sale helps you save time and money for your F&B business. Whether you run a cafe, restaurant, or bar, Lightspeed Restaurant POS helps you to manage tables, edit menus, and extract sales reports – anytime and anywhere! Launchstars is proud to have clients for this cloud F&B POS including fine and casual dining restaurants, cafes and bakeries, takeouts and deliveries, and also quick-serve. With Lightspeed Restaurant POS, you can now make changes to table layouts and menus wherever you are. Find out how your items are selling, extract product reports to look at real-time sales – on the go. Lightspeed Restaurant Point-of-Sale gives you smooth operations on the floor so you can focus on your customers and give stellar service at your restaurant, cafe, or bar. Launchstars’ clients include well-known brand names like Sarnies, Burnt Ends, Alt Pizza and Canvas. You will never find a better post-sale service and support team than with Launchstars, the top partner of Lightspeed Restaurant POS in Singapore. Call us for a demo today!

Vend POS – Awesome Retail Point-Of-Sale

Vend Retail Point-of-Sale helps you earn more revenue for your retail business. Sell in-store and online, track your inventory, and make stock transfers between outlets or from a primary warehouse. Give your customer loyalty points for visiting your retail store, and use Vend POS to help you save time and money. Make changes to prices, products, and add and edit promotions anywhere you are, anytime you like. With Vend Retail POS, you can sell in your physical store, online using the new Vend Ecommerce platform, and integrate with cloud accounting software, Xero. Vend Retail POS also lets you issue multiply user logins with different permissions so you can track sales by individuals, and ensure backend access is given to your managers for their respective outlets. Launchstars’ clients include retail stores that buy and sell products and services on consignment, wholesale, and retail basis, and can meet your every need in running a real business. Choose Vend Retail POS to save time and earn more money for your retail business, and choose Launchstars for unbeatable post-sale service and IT expertise in software and retail business cloud solutions. Call us for a demo today!

Xero Cloud Accounting

Xero Cloud Accounting Software gives you information about how much money is coming in and going out – anytime and anywhere you are. Retrieve sales information on the go, input and submit staff expense claims on your mobile, and send invoices the moment you finish a job. Xero Cloud Accounting Software is simple, effective, and super easy to use. Choose Xero to easily reconcile bank statements, submit documents for income tax, GST, and even enjoy multiple currency for your operations overseas. Track sales by product type, monitor quotations that have been sent, approved, and confirmed, and keep on top of all partial payments you are due to collect. Launchstars is proud to be a partner of Xero with clients from one-man startups to multinational companies with operations in different countries. Xero Cloud Accounting Software gives you confidence for your business because you will always know how your business is doing, and how best to grow your profits. With Launchstars, you will always get tiptop customer service and expertise for your requirements. Call us for a demo today!